Taiwan 2015: Taipei

Day 7 / 24-Sept-2015 : Jiufen to Taipei
Today we will travel back to Taipei and stay for two more nights. We have not prepared any itinerary for this part of our trip so basically we will just hang out around the area of our hostels and buy souvenir items to bring back to Singapore.


01. Ruifang Bus StopWe took again a bus from the bus stop near our homestay in Jiufen and alighted at the bus stop near Ruifang Station (daytime view of the new bus stop for passengers going to Jiufen)


02. Coffee ShopWe found another small but cute-ly designed coffee shop near Ruifang Station so we had coffee for breaky.


03. Ruifang StationAfter our coffee, we finally head to Ruifang Station, we bought our ticket a day ahead (yesterday when we went to Shifen and Pingxi) so we know our train schedule.


04. Ruifang Station Luggage AreaFacing Ruifang Train Station, to the left side is a baggage store area (If your coming out of the station and standing on the main entrance/exit, it will be on your right side) where you can deposit your things before you head to Jiufen, Shifen or Pingxi. Since most tourist who are staying in Taipei tend to visit this area as a day trip only, and Ruifang Station is the transfer station coming from Taipei, having a baggage storage area in this station is very convenient for travelers.


05. Ruifang Luggage AreaThe baggage storage area opens from 8:00am until 8:00pm.


06. Train to TaipeiSo we finally left Ruifang Station for Taipei Main Station


08. LunchWe decided to have our lunch at the basement of Taipei Main Station, there are lots of restaurant to choose from in this area.


07. Subway to XimenAfter lunch, we took the subway from Taipei Main Station to Ximen Station


08. ECFA Hotel FacadeWe alighted at Ximen Station and walk to our Hostel, on the 10th floor of this commercial/residential building is ECFA Hotel


09. StarbucksJust accross the street is Starbucks coffee


10. Starbucks CardStarting this trip, I have decided to collect Starbucks card from the cities that I will visit. So here is my first official Starbucks Card collection from Taipei.


11. ECFA HotelWe check in at ECFA Hotel Kunming, there are quite a lot of ECFA Hotels around this area so be very attentive in finding your right ECFA Hotel. For our “review” regarding our stay at this hotel, please click HERE


12. XimendingAfter depositing our thins in our room, we went out to check the area around our hotel.


13. XimendingThis is the scene outside Ximen Station


14. XimendingThe heart of Ximending, where lotsa lots of shops for shopping.


15. XimendingAside from shopping, food card selling different street foods are available around Ximending


16. XimendingWe initially bought the prok rib for dinner back at the hotel but it didn’t last long ;-p very nice for 100 NTD price


17. XimendingAnother popular food in area


18. XimendingIt’s like prata but with additional ingredients, 25 NTD each


19. Food SouvenirsWe bought sun biscuits to give away to our friends back in SIngapore


20. Food SouvenirsAnd nougat too 😉


Day 8 / 25-Sept-2015 : Taipei
Today we just roam around Taipei Main Station for more shopping of souvenirs


21. The Red BlockThe Red House, just outside Ximen Station is a two storey western-style red-brick octagonal structure in Taipei’s Ximen (west gate) district was built in 1908, was one of Taiwan’s first new-style markets of the early Japanese colonial period. It has currently been restored to its original appearance, the first floor serves as a venue for arts, and the second floor serves as a theater, giving this historic landmark a new, elegant aura of culture.


22. XimendingSo many places to shop


23 XimendingSo little time ;-p


24. Taipei StationTaipei Main Station, Originally opened as Taipei Railway Station in 1891, the complex is one of the most popular meeting places in Taipei. The area surrounding the station is primarily a commercial district very popular with tourists, students, and commuters as Taipei Main Station is the primary interchange station for the city.

Taipei Main Station is home to the following transportation services:

  • Metro Subway – Taipei MRT
  • Train – Taiwan Railways
  • Taiwan High Speed Rail
  • Local Bus – multiple stops around the station exterior
  • Long-distance, intercity bus from Q-Square Long-Distance Bus Station or Kuo-Kuang West Bus Station outside exit M5 or Z3
  • Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT System (under construction)


25. Dinner711 stuff for our last dinner in Taipei 😉


Day 9 / 26-Sept-2015 : Taipei to Taoyuan
Our flight back to Singapore on tomorrow will be 9:25 am, which means we need to be at Taoyuan Airport by 7:25am, so we decided to stay at a hotel near the airport the night before our flight. So today we will be traveling from Taipei to Taoyuan and stay for the night.


27. HSR TicketWe decided to take the HSR Train from Banqiao Station rather than Taipei Station because it’s “nearer” to Taoyuan.


26. BanqiaoOutside Banqiao HSR Station


28. Bento at Taoyuan HSR StnAt Taoyuan HSR Station, we decided to try the bento box they are selling for 100 NTD, definitely miles better than the one we tried at Taipei Station. They only sell the bento box at at limited times during lunch and dinner time.


29. City Suites GatewayWe will be staying again at City Suites Gateway Hotel, the same hotel we stayed on our first night upon arriving from Singapore. Cab fare from Taoyuan HSR Station to this hotel is 250 NTD

05. Deluxe Double RomWe got “upgraded” to a corner room with bigger space.


Day 10 / 27-Sept-2015 : Taoyuan to Singapore
Today morning is our flight back to Singapore, we asked the hotel staff to help arranged for a cab to pick us up and bring to airport. From this hotel to Taoyuan Airport cab fare is fixed at 200 NTD


30. Taoyuan AirportArrived at Taoyuan 2 hours before our flight

31. Bird WatchingWith a few more minutes to spare, we just spent it “bird watching”


32. EVA AirThe giant “bird” that will bring us back to Singapore


34. Lunch at EVA AirOur lunch during our flight, hello kitty napkins and utensils


33. Aboard EVA AirAfter a little more than 4 hours, finally landing back home.


35. Changi Airport
Every great journey starts at the airport, and it also ends in the airport as well :-p

Thank you for joining us in our Taiwan 2015 Trip 😉


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