Taiwan: ECFA Hotel Kunming in Taipei

There are quite a handful of ECFA hotels around Taipei, particularly in Ximending area. ECFA Hotel Kunming is a 5 to 10 minute walk (along Chengdu Road) from Ximen Station (Take the exit to “The Red House”).


01. Outside FacadeThe hostel occupies the whole 10th floor of a commercial/residential building on the corner of Chengdu Road and Kunming Street.


02. Outsie to LiftThe lobby outside the building has 711 (My tummy feels happy when there is 711 around, lolz)


03. LiftThe lift lobby has ample signage to inform you that they are located at the 10th floor.


04. LobbyThe reception area is quite simple.


05. Room-BedDespite the “modest” look of the building from the outside to the lift up to reception lobby, I feel that they compensated by having spacious rooms. The room that was assigned to us has high ceiling, I felt like we are staying in a pent house 😉


06. Door to toiletThe door leading to the toilet and bath.


07. Bath Tub Bath with a view 😉


08. T&B
I am a bit fussy when it comes to toilets when I stay in hotel or hostels, this one I am very satisfied. Its very clean and spacious, well “lighted”, no problem with water pressure and heater either.


+ Location, very near the subway (Xiemn6 station and also the shopping area of Ximendng
+ Spacious rooms and T&B
– Breakfast, you will have to go to another ECFA Hostels nearby to have your free breakfast



ECFA Hotels around Ximending area


Name: ECFA Hotel Kunming
Address: 10th Floor, No.79 Kunming Street, Wanhua District, Taipei
Tel: (+ 886) (2) 2361-2280
Fax: (+ 886) (2) 2361-1830
Website: ECFA Hotel Kunming


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