Taiwan: City Suites Gateway at Taoyuan

Due to the odd timing of our flight to Taiwan (both arrival and departure), we decided to book a hotel near the Taoyuan International Airport for the first and last night of our 2015 Taiwan trip. City Suites Gateway is a 5-8 minute taxi ride from Taoyuan Airport and costs 160 NTD if you will take the metered taxi.


01. Taoyun's City Suites GatewayThe hotel looks a bit old from the outside or must be the way it was deisgned (and painted).


02. LobbyThere are lots of bus carrying tourists when we arrived at the hotel around 8pm plus from our flight that we were not able to alight from the cab immediately. We prepared ourselves for a long wait during check in but surprisingly we got our room keys quite sooner than expected. During check in, they will ask if you will need a cab the next day going to Airport (fixed rate of 200 NTD) or Taoyuan HSR Station (fixed rate of 250 NTD) and they will arrange it for you.


03. LobbyWaiting area at the lobby


04. Deluxe Double RomWe booked a Deluxe Double Room, the large bed is good with soft pillows and sheets.The interior looks “old” but it adds a certain “personality” to the room. If you are lucky, you can get a room facing the airport and you can enjoy watching airplanes taking off and landing at the airport nearby. Despite the proximity of the hotel to the airport, we were never bothered with any sound of airplanes passing by.


05. Deluxe Double RomOn our last night, we also booked a Deluxe Double Room. When we requested for a higher floor facing the airport, they said they have already reserved and “upgraded” room for us. The upgraded room was located at the end of the hallway. It’s like the usual Deluxe Double Room but with a much bigger space to have a seating area.


06. Deluxe Double RomThe seating area has comfortable sofa with television set and video player.


07. Deluxe Double RomA small fridge and water heater for coffee and tea is also located in the seating area.


08. T&BToilet and Bath for both rooms are the same. The bathtub was a good especially if you are dead tired from you flight.


09. T&BThe bathroom design is very simple, with ample supply of necessary toiletries.


10. RestaurantThe breakfast buffet consist mostly of local foods such as congee and assorted toppings, some asian noodles are also available. Bread, buns, butter and different jams are also available if you prefer a “western” breakfast. The 2 times we tried the buffet breakfast, there were no fresh fruits available on the buffet table.


11. RestaurantThere are other chinese cuisines such as dim sums and paos.

12. RestaurantThe are ample seating area.


+ Quick check in procedure despite a number of guests

– A shuttle service to and from the airport would be great, considering that most if not all their guests are staying over after/before their flight.

– Could have add more choices for western breakfast, availability of fresh fruits.

Name: City Suites Gateway, Dayuan
Address: No. 442, Zhongzheng East Road, Dayuan Township, Taoyuan County (Near the Dayuan Interchange of the National Highway No. 2; with a parking site of about 3.300m2)
Tel: +886-3-385-3017
Fax: +886-3-385-3031
Email: marketinggateway@citysuites.com.tw
Website: City Suites Gateway


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