Switzerland 2015: Zurich

Day 7 / 21 November 2015: Bern to Zurich
Today we are leaving Bern to travel to Zurich for our evening flight back to Singapore.


01. BreakfastTrying to enjoy the last glimpse of this lovely city while having our breakfast at the hotel.


02. Leaving BernLast photo shoot before walking back to Bern Station


03. Locker at ZurichWe arrived Zurich Station just before noon and since our flight to Singapore is a bit later tonight (at 10:45pm), we have the whole afternoon to check the vicinity around Zurich Station. We decided to leave our luggage at the locker area at the basement of the station so we can move around easily.


04. Gloomy ZurichZurich welcomed us with a gloomy weather. Even Limmat River seems quite unhappy to see us ;-p


05. muhlesteg footbridgeFurther walking along the Limmat River you will see Muhlesteg Footbridge.


06. muhlesteg footbridgeThe footbridge has now become a new tourist destination because of the padlocks left on the fence of the footbridge by couples who visited Zurich.


07. FountainAnother drinking fountain, which is a “normal” scene almost all cities in Switzerland.


08. Limmat RiverWalking along the Limmat River towards Lindenhof.


09. Fraumünsterat Limmat RiverLindenhof is an oasis at the heart of the city that looks back on a moving history


10. Fraumünster at Limmat RiverThis spot provides a glorious view of the Old Town, Grossmünster Church, City Hall, the Limmat river, the university and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

11. Fraumünster at Limmat RiverLindenhof was also the scene of numerous historical events. In the 4th century a Roman fort stood on Lindenhof – and in the 9th century the grandson of Charlemagne built a regal palace as place of residence on the very same site.


12. Lindenhof at Limmat RiverToday, Lindenhof is a haven of peace and tranquility in the heart of the city and a meeting point for passionate chess players.


13. GrossmünsterThe Grossmünster church is a landmark of Zurich. Legend has it that the church was built on the graves of the city’s patron saints, Felix and Regula. According to legend, Charlemagne discovered the graves of the city’s patron saints Felix and Regula and had a church built as a monastery on the spot.


14. NiederdorfA street parallel to Limmat River is called Niederdorf.


15. NiederdorfNiederdorf is part of Zurich’s old town – and the locals fondly refer to it as “Dörfli”, meaning the entire Niederdorf and Oberdorf area that extends as far as Bellevue. Niederdorf is a pedestrian zone the same as Limmatquai, which runs parallel.


16. NiederdorfNiederdorf offers interesting sights, culinary delights and shopping in Zurich’s old town.


17. NiederdorfAnother fountain along Niederdorf .


19. NiederdorfDuring the day, the pedestrian zone and many stores, which are almost hidden in alleyways, entice you to shop. In the evening, Niederdorf changes into a nightlife district for a very varied public with its bars and street artists.


20. NiederdorfThe popular “Dörflifäscht” takes place with many DJs, market booths, culinary delights, shows and attractions at the end of August.


22. NiederdorfStill walking along Niederdorf, we chance upon another church tower on the parallel street.


23. PredigerkirchePredigerkirche (Preacher’s Church), Originally a Dominican church, the Predigerkirche became Protestant during the Reformation. In spite of the Predigerkirche’s lengthy history, the church’s attempt at modern relevance makes it stand out.


24. PredigerkircheThe 13th-century sanctuary houses church pews as expected; its side aisles include a library with easy chairs and a dining area for free Sunday lunches. The church loans its building out to immigrant groups for worship, and is often the site of evening concerts.


25. Chocolate signageWalking back to Zurich Station, we chance upon this witty signage outside a local Swiss chocolate shop.


26. HugOn the way back we saw this two young ladies showing their support (in their own little way) about the refugee crisis currently happening in Europe. Such a nice message to end our Switzerland trip.


ZurichZurich has her own different charm, just like Bern and Lugano, it has its own way of enticing you to stay and fall in love with her. Our “farewell” shot of Zurich as we walked back to the train station on our way to Zurich Airport.


At Zurich Airport, just before our Swiss Air flight leave the gate, snow started to fall. Another beautiful farewell from this lovely city.


27. Changi AirpotAfter 14 hour flight, we are finally back home to the warm weather of Singapore.


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