Malaysia 2015: Family Trip in Penang

The months of May and June has been very busy for me as a sports volunteer because of the 2015 Singapore SEA (South East Asian Games) Games. So when my friend’s family invited me to join them for a 4D/3N Penang trip, I took this opportunity to give myself a rest from the volunteer works I have done for the first half of the year. This trip is just a simple and slow trip with no itineraries prepared unlike my first trip last year (you can visit my 2014 Penang trip by clicking here FOOD , STREET ART & CULTURE ). This  trip was made especially for my friend’s Mum because she said the last time she was here was when she was in her mid teens.

01. Changi AirportDay 1 / 16-June: I was supposed to be a part of the volunteer contingent that will parade inside the stadium for the closing ceremonies of 2015 SEA Games, but I was not able to attend ‘coz our flight is in the early afternoon of the actual  day of the ceremonies.


02. JetstarWe took a Jetsar flight from changi airport


03. Arriving PenangWe landed in Penang Inernational AIrport after a little over an hour we left Singapore.


04. Inside the vanFrom the airport, we hired a van to bring all 10 of us to our hotel. Private vans and taxi are readily available outside the airport. Last year, we took the bus from airport to the city but this time due to the size of our group, it is more easier and convenient to get a bigger and private transportation.


05. Glow PenangOur home for the next four days, you can read my simple review about our hotel experience by clicking here


06. Hotel RoomOne of the 3 rooms that we reserved from this hotel.


07. Family PictureAfter resting for a while, the whole gang started to roam slowly around nearby streets for window shopping


08. Penang 3D trick art museumThe kids decided to check the Penang 3D Triick Art Museum while we “uncle” decided to just wait outside ;-P


09. Kek Lok Si TempleDay 2 / 17-June: The next day, we hired again the same van that brought us from the airport to hotel to bring us to Kek Lok Si Temple Auntie requested to visit this temple.


11. Kek Lok Si TempleThere is  a small garden with a pond in the middle, a good place to relax your body and mind


12. Kek Lok Si TempleSome of the statue on the grounds


13. Kek Lok Si Temple One of the most familiar statue here is the 30 meter bronze statue of Guayin, the Goddess of Mercy,


14. Kek Lok Si TempleSome of the temple on top of the hill.


15. Kek Lok Si TempleThe whole complex was built on the hills of Ayer Itam, from here you can see quite a view of the whole town from above.


16. Kek Lok Si TempleThey have a mini mono rail where you can ride from the top to the middle complex, ad from there start walking downwards to the foot of the hill.


17. Kek Lok Si TempleNice view while riding the rail.


18. DurianAfter the visit to the temple, we tried the most popular food in Penang, the Durian. Everyone enjoyed it.


19. Penang LaksaAnother “trademark” food of Penang is the Penang Laksa, I actually like this better than the Sinapore version ;-|


20. Penang HillDay 3 / 18-June: We were supposed to go to Penang Hill after our temple visit on our 2nd day but found out that it was closed for renovation. Luckily the next day, it re-opened so we took the time to visit hte top of Penang Hill.


21. Penang HillThe ride itself going up is already a memorable experience with the view of George Town behind you.


22. Penang HillReaching the top, another great view awaits you


23. Penang Hill


24. Penang Hill at NightWe waited until night time to be able to view this majestic site, apologies for the quality (or lack of it, hehe) of the photo


25. Penang Hill at NightAnother group photo for our last night before we fly back to Singapore the next day.


26. Penang AirportDay 4 / 19-June: Our short trip officially end with our flight back to SIngapore. Though we did not see all the touristy area around Penang, we enjoyed our time visiting the places we went to. And for 4 days, I have became an adopted son, brother and uncle ;-P


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