Thailand 2015: Bangkok’s Songkran Celebration

After enjoying our first (and very short) Songkran celebration experience last year (you can read our Songkran 2014 2D/2N trip HERE), we promised to comeback again this year and this time we made sure that we are staying longer. So as early as November 2014, I already started canvassing for cheaper hotel rates around Silom area where most of the “water fights” are happening. I will be travelling alone but will be joined by my friends from Kuala Lumpur and Manila in Bangkok.


01. Changi Airport DepartureDay 1/ 11-April , Our 5D/4N Songkran 2015 started at Changi Airport, I took a 1:30 pm direct flight to Bangkok.


02. Cathay Pac Airplane I got my Cathay Pacific flight from Expedia.Com and paid for 243.60 SGD. I find the price quite reasonable especially that it is a premium airline. I booked around December even though the flight is still 4 months away. So if you really are sure of flying on a certain destination, it pays to check online for airline prices as early as 4 months ahead šŸ˜‰


03. Suvarnabhumi Airport

Our plane arrived at the very busy Suvarnabumi Airport after a little over 2 hours of flight. This huge airport has been specially decorated for the this holidays. The first thing I did after exciting the arrival area is to buy a prepaid sim card. It has become part of my travel must have lately. There are several sim card stores in the arrival waiting area and you can just choose which suits your needs, most of them have the same rates.


04. Train Station at Suvarnabhumi

Again, just like last year I took the Airport Rail Link whose station is in the basement of the airport. Just buy a ticket from the vending machine and enjoy the train ride to the city. I alighted at the last station (Phaya Thai) then took a normal (BTS) train until Siam station to transfer to another line and alighted at Sala Daeng. The street below Sala Daeng station is Silom street, one of the areas in Bangkok where water fights happen during Songkran and thats the primari reason why I choose my hotel along this street.


05. Furama Silom Bangkok

Our hotel for our first night Furama Silom Bangkok, I initially plan the trip for 12-15 April and I first booked my hotel early November and choose the same hotel we stayed last year. But when I booked my flight the following month, I decided to fly a day earlier. I decided to book another hotel for the first night to have a comparison with my other hotel for my 2nd to 4th night. A 10 minute walk from Sala Daeng (they pronounce as Sala Deng) along Silom road. Arrived at hotel 4pm plus, the cheking in was a breeze plus we got a room upgrade, hehe. (Please click HERE to read my simply review for this hotel). I got this room for 1,938.00 TBH (1 night) from


06. View from my room

Our room has a balcony but the sliding door was locked. This is the view from our glass door balcony.


07. D1 Dinner

My friend from KL arrived and fetched him from Sala Daeng station. After settling our things, we went out to have our dinner. Along Silom street, there are many corners where they have food stalls that sell “authentic” Thai food, definitely better (and sometimes cheaper) than the ones you can find on food courts inside the shopping malls.


08. Novotel Bangkok Fenix Silom

Day 2 / 12-April, We check out the next day from Furama Silom Hotel and move in to Novotel Bangkok Fenix Hotel, where are booked for the next 3 nights. Though we experienced minor problems during our stay last year, we still decided to book again this year because of it’s location and good costumer service that they have provided to us. (Please click HERE for my simple review regarding our 2014 experience.). I got this hotel for 6,046.72 THB (3 nights) from


09. D2 Lunch

We met our friends who arrived from Manila, they will be staying at Novotel Hotel too. And we met new friends who are based in Bangkok courtesy of our friends from Manila and we all had another “authentic” Thai food for lunch.


10. Bus Ride

After lunch, we took a local bus to city center for some shopping.


12. D2 Dinner

Dinner for our second night, the meat (I forgot if its pork or what, lolz) was sweet and tender. The veggie roll was perfect with the special sauce and the dessert is a distant cousin of Filipino popular dessert called halo-Halo.


13. Ready for fight

Day 3 / 13-April, Songkran’s 3 day celebration officially starts on 13th of April so we have reminded ourselves to be prepared before going out of the hotel. With the official photobomber of Songkran 2015 ;-p


14. Water Fight

The crowd at Silom was really awesome, it surely is a very good experience that you will never forget.


15. Water Fight


16. Water Fight

The arch above the streets has a built it “shower” so everyone has a “chance” to get wet.


17. D3 Dinner

During this trip, I was introduce to mango sticky rice, I initially thought it is only like the common “malagkit” Filipino dessert but boy, this is really something. The combination of sticky rice (I think it was boiled together with coconut milk) and the sweetness of the mango was heaven.


18. Bicycle

Day 4 / 14-April, we again decided to go to city center for shopping, and just below the Surasak BTS (the nearest station from Novotel Hotel) station was a bicycle rental area, I loved Bangkok more for doing this.


19. Kurisu at Surasak

While waiting for the BTS train, what else to do but take a selfie (with a help from a friend, lolz)


20. MBK

MBK mall I think is one of the most popular place to shop, from underwear to electronics. It is located between National Staidum Station and Siam Station, both accessible via overhead walkways.


21. D4 Water Fight

After shopping, we returned to our hotel and prepare again for our last water fight battle. We returned to Silom street, though the crowd is not yet that big (usually the crowd starts to swell late in the afternoon) still everyone is enjoying the free “shower”.


22. D4 Water Fight

There are parts of the street which has live programs, and even had a bubble machine.


23. D4 Dinner

For our last dinner, I decided to have my old favorite pad thai, i like it more spicy


24. Train Ticket

Day 5 / 15-April, my friend from KL returned to Malaysia the night before, and my 2 friends from Manila will only be flying late tonight. I again took the BTS train, this time from Surasak station to Phaya Thai station and took the Airport Rail Link to Suvarnabhumi Airport.


25. Suvarnabhumi Airport

Inside the huge Suvarnabhumi Airport


26. Last Celebration

Halfway in my flight back to Singapore, I requested for wine as my last attempt to celebrate this trip šŸ˜‰


27. Changi Airport Arrival
And as one wise man said (me, me, me) “A great journey starts at the airport” and it also ends in the airport ;-p
I wish I could comeback next year but I have other trips prepared end of 2015 and early 2016 so I think, I will have to pass for Songkran 2016. But til next Songkran again!

Before I end, I would like to thank my friends Jim from KL and Denver and Abel from Manila for sharing some of the photos above šŸ™‚


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