Malaysia 2014: Penang’s historical city of George Town

George Town in Penang, Malaysia is not just popular for it’s scenic street arts and variety of food choices. If you actually roam around, you will find different historical and cultural buildings that made this town distinctively a world heritage site. In 2008, George Town was officially bestowed by UNESCO World Heritage Committee the title of World Heritage Site under Cultural Heritage category.

01. Hainan TempleThe Hainan Temple along Lebuh Muntri, founded in 1866 is dedicated to the patron saint of seafarers, the goddess Mar Chor.


02. Yap Kongsi TempleThe Yap Kongsi Temple along Armenian Street.


03. Yeoh KongsiYeoh Kongsi at the corner of Gat Lebuh Chulia and Lebuh Victoria was built in 1841


04. Cheong Fatt Tse MansionCheong Fatt Tze Mansion but commonly known as “Blue Mansion” along Lebuh Leith, several movies and television series was filmed here. The have guided tours daily at 11:00am, 1:30pm and 3:00pm


05. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial CentreSun Yat-Sen Memorial Centre, along Jalan Macalister, is open from 9:00am – 5:00pm daily except Sundays.


06. Central Fire StationCentral Fire Station along Lebuh Armenina, built in 1909 is a well preserved building that you will surely not miss.


07. Ng Fook TongNg Fook Tong along Lebuh Chulia, was founded in 1850s and the building was constructed in 1898


08. Old StreetIf you continue to walk along, you will find lots of old structures around this area that will make you feel like you just went into another era.


George Town is also popular for different Clan Jetties, built on stilts over the sea, this traditional Chinese waterfront settlement was home to city’s early stevedores and fisherfolk. From Gat Lebuh Malayu, the street of Pengkalan Weld up untl Gat Lebu Chulia, you will find the different clan jetties still alive and well “preserved”.

09. Jetty

10. Jetty

11. JettyBuilt by the clansmen of olden days, the clan jetties were segregated into distinct communities of Chinese people that arrived in George Town in search of better future.

12. Jetty

13. Jetty

14. Lee JettyDenoted by the clan surnames such as Chew, Tan and Lee among others, the jetties are traditionally occupied by people of that surname.

15. Tan Jetty

16. JettyPerhaps one of the most well photographed part of all the jetties here.

17. Jetty

18. Jetty

19. Jetty

20. Jetty

21. KurisuThis ends my 3-part report trip for my 2014 Penag trip. This year 2015, I will be going back again and hopefully get to check more places and try more local food 🙂


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