Malaysia 2014: A food haven that is Penang

One of the most common and enjoyable thing to do when in Penang is to eat, eat and eat. Food is readily available every corner and you get to have thousands of choices.


04. coffee shopAfter we check in at our hotel ( Apollo Inn ) we hurriedly went out to try our first official Penang food, and since were quite hungry already, we picked the first food shop that we found near our hotel. When we exited our hotel, to our right at the corner of Lebuh Kimberley and Lebuh Cintra you will find this “coffee shop” with lots of people almost all day long.. Just to remind you, most of the food shops in Penang are kinda run down, so if you are a picky eater it will be a challenge for you.


01. Loh MeeLoh Mee / 5.00 MYR – I have always love Loh Mee, this particular one I love the sauce, not to salty and the chilli sauce was perfect, surprisingly it has a similar taste with another Filipino dish similarly named Lomi.


02. Kway TiaoFried Kway Tiao / 7.20 MYR – This one is not bad either, I like its sweetness and it is not to oily.


03. Fried OysterFried Oyster / 8.00 MYR – I was never a fried oyster fan (particularly oyster itself) so I ended up finishing the the rest of the food except the oyster πŸ˜‰


07. Chix Rice StoreAnother popular roasted duck/chicken rice restaurant in the area is Sin Nam Huat.


05. Char Siew Roasted ChixChar Siew + Roasted Chinken with rice for two person costs 12.20 MYR

06. SoupIt comes with a “special” soup, the taste is not bad just try not to dig whats inside πŸ˜‰


Most of the time, the eating places are crowded so the best way is to buy take outs and eat it at your hotel.

08. Pie TeePie Tee – some veggies and minced meat inside a crunchy wafer cone.


09. Poh PiaPoh Pia – fresh sprig rolls which contains some veggies, peanuts, and chilli sauce wrap in a soft poh pia skin.


10. SataySatay – skewered and grilled meat usually chicken, beef and “kambing” or mutton


11. Onionsside dish and sauce that comes with the satay that you order


12. Satay DinnerA perfect Penang dinner.


13. Armenian House Coffee ShopIf you need to rest after roaming around Penang heritage area, Armenian House coffee shop will be a good place to try out.


14. Coffee ShopThe interior is very simple but it’s charm is undeniable.


15. Coffee ShopThe choices are simple and limited but hey, it’s not a starbucks so don’t complain ;-p


16. Coffee n CakeCheese cake and tea, perfect combination


17. Coffee ShopA good place to rest, relax and plan for your next itinerary


18. Loh BakLor Bak – It’s a different mixture of various meat and vegetables (mostly deep fried), you get to choose which one you want in your plate and they will charge you accordingly. This set costs 10.15 MYR


19. Georgetown Coffee ShopWe played safe and tried Penang Laksa and Prawn Mee noodle in one of more established restaurant in the area, the GeorgeTown coffee shop.


20. Laksa

21. ChendolChendol for dessert, yum yum!


22. Dim Sum StoreFor our last dinner, we tried is popular dim sum restaurant just nearby our hotel.

23. Dim SumSiew Mai


24. Dim SumMinced Meat with Century Egg


25. Dim Sumanother Mince Meat wrapped inΒ  soft spring roll wrapper


26. Dim SumMinced Meat wrapped in bean curd skin then fried with sweat sauce


27. Dim SumPrawn Dumpling with soup inside


28. Dim SumFried Prawn Dumpling


29. DIm Sum AllPenang is indeed a food haven.


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