Singapore: The Oriental Spa Chamber

I was never a fan of going to Spa, I always have this notion that it is overly expensive  and too luxurious for my taste. But when I saw this online offer for a discounted rate for a 3 hour spa indulgence, I decided to grab the chance and experience how to be pampered by professionals.

The place is The Oriental Spa Chamber under Mary Chia Holdings Limited which is a well established lifestyle and wellness provider in Singapore.

03. OutsideIt is accessible by foot from Chinatown MRT Station (NEL) and can be easily spotted since it is located on the first floor of Porcelain Hotel whose building is quite noticeable due its “artsy” light blue and white exterior painting.

04. Waiting AreaOur schedule was supposed to be 4pm but we arrived at 3:30, instead of waiting we requested if we can start earlier than our original schedule and after a short consultation, the reception lady informed us that they can accommodate our request. At this early, I started loving their service already.

05. TeaWe were seated for awhile and was welcomed with biscuit and tea while they prepare the facilities they will use for us.

06. Foot SpaThe “Oriental Spa Indulgence” package for men includes;

30 min Herbal Foot Soak – We started with the herbal foot soak, the area for the foot soak was small but with comfortable seats and a big television screen if you want to watch while soaking your feet. We were silently discussing that the soak could have been better if the water is warmer, then a few seconds later a staff came by and ask if we want the water hotter, we gladly said yes and the staff refill the soak with warmer water. Additional points for being attentive to customer needs 😉

After the soak, we were lead to the locker area where we can leave our clothes and bag, we were given a towel and lead to the infra red sauna.

Sorry no more photos after the foot soak ;-D

30 min Infra Red Sauna – The infra red sauna is like a big “glass tube” good for two person  with an LED-like lights on the ceiling. I am used to steam bath so the infra red sauna is quite an interesting experience.

60 min Full Body Massage – After the infra red sauna, we were led to the shower room and then given a short and a bath robe before  and then we were assisted to the massage room. The massage was great, the massage therapist asks once in a while if the massage is too hard. They apply the oil carefully without overdoing it.

60 min Royal Foot Massage –  After the whole body massage comes the royal foot massage, we were asked if we want to stay in the bed for the foot massage or seat on a chair, we requested that we rather stay in the room for more relax feeling. I love the foot massage, living in Singapore requires walking all around so the foot massage was a welcome relief. Again the oil usage is just nice (unlike my foot massage experience when we went to Genting before, they used minimum oil so my legs got dried and had rashes afterwards).

After the foot massage we were asked if we want to stay on the room longer to sleep for a while and we gladly said yes.

01. OSCAfter checking out, the reception lady asked us to fill up some forms, since it is our first time in their establishment, she asked if we are keen on other services they offer, we told her that we will check again their website and will then decide. She said ok and never “push” us to offer their other products, which I really appreciated. We ended the experience with a nice dessert they have prepared for us in the reception area.

Overall, I had a good impression of spa centre because of my experience from this establishment. I wouldn’t mind bringing my other friends here because I am sure they will enjoy the experience the way I did.

Location: 4*/5 – A short walking distance away from Chinatown MRT Station
Facilities: 3.5*/5 – Although small area, the design is very relaxing, the interiors has a certain mood that make you feel relax even if the services has not started yet.
Service: 4*/5 – Very accommodating and attentive staff, I appreciate that they are not pushy in selling out their other products at the end of the service.
Value for Money: 4*/5 – We bought it from an online deal site so we got it at a very discounted price, I believed the money was well spent and we got the service beyond the amount we paid for.

Name:  HUANG AH MA The Oriental Spa Chamber
Address: 50 Mosque Street, Singapore 059528
Tel: +65 6536 1661


NOTE: We personally paid for all the expenses in staying in this hotel. This review is independent and is a personal opinion based from personal experience.




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