Singapore: Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant

I have always been a fan of Japanese food and this time, to celebrate a friend’s birthday we visited Hokkaido Sushi Restuarant located on the 9th floor of M Hotel and ordered a 10-Course Wagyu Beef and Sushi Omakase Set.

entranceThe main entrance of Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant


interiorThe interior of Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant


01. Wafu SaladWafu Salad – The veggies are really fresh and the wafu dressing was perfectly mixed. The serving size is just nice, you will be able to finish them without the fear that you will be full before the last dish is served.


02. Pitan TofuPitan Tofu – I am not a huge fan of century egg but this one is exceptional, the flavorful century egg is perfec with the simple “bland-tasting” tofu.


03. SashimiSashimi – Sashimi I believe is one of the most recognizable japanese dish, and the fresher the ingredients are, the best tasting for sure it will gonna be. And this is definitely one of them, you can feel the softness of the fish in your palate perfect with a bit of wasabi to add some spice down your throat.


04. Ikura ChawanmushiIkura Chawanmushi – Was also not a fan of Chawanmushi because I do not like the strong “egg-y” taste of it, but this one I tried and I was surprised that I was able to finished all of it.


05. Wagyu Beef with MushroomWagyu Beef with Mushroom – One of my favorite dish in this whole set meal. The beef is soft with a flavorful sauce, the mushroom added a “crunchy” flavor to the soft texture of the beef.


06. Salmon Mentayaki

Salmon Mentayaki – The fish was fresh, you can taste the special marinade coating the ourter layer of the salmon and then after you bite, the sweet and sour taste of a special sauce (which was spread in between the salmon) will surprise you.


07. Tempura Prawn and FishTempura Prawn and Fish – Crispy coated prawn and fish without the oily feeling.


08. RamenRamen – The ramen was perfectly cooked, the soup is simple and not too savory which helps in “washing” your palate from the flavors of the previous dishes.


09. Hokkaido MakiHokkaido Maki – Another one of my favorite dish from this set meal, the dash of special mayonnaise added some special flavor to the already rich tasting maki.


10. Gren Tea and Mango Ice CreamMango and Green Tea Ice Cream – And for dessert, mango and green tea japanse ice cream

Location: 3.5* – Accessible by train via EW Line Tanjong Pagar Station, in the middle of the business disctric so parking for private car will be a challenge.

Service: 3.5* – Attentive waiters, once they see that you are done with your current course, they immediately come with the next course before they take away your empty plate.

Food: 4.0* – I might be a bit generous due to my love for japanese food but seriously, the whole set of meal was perfectly planned with each one surprises you with rich flavor. Plus the servings are just nice, not too much but enough for you to be able to finish until dessert.

Name: Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant
Address: 81 Anson Road, 9th floor M Hotel, Singapore, Singapore (Downtown Core)
Telephone: +65 6221 3075

NOTE: We personally paid for all the expenses we incurred in this establishment. This review is independent and is a personal opinion based from personal experience.


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