South Korea: Seoul Searching Part 3

Day 5: Seoul
Highlight of the Day: Kimchi Making, Blue House and Flying to Jeju Island

D5.01 - MorningThere were heavy snow throughout the night so it was a sea of white that welcome us in the morning.

D5.02 - KimchiOur first stop is a kimchi making school where we tried making our own kimchi, Korea’s most famous dish.

D5.03 - Korean DressOn the same school, we were allowed to choose and where a Hanbok, traditional korean dress and pose for a photo taking.

D5.04 - OWM to Blue HouseAfterwards, we were brought outside the Blue House, Korea’s version of White House, we just stayed outside and play with snow.

D5.05 - Blue House

D5.06 - Blue House

D5.07 - Blue House

D5.08 - LunchOur lunch for today, yum, yum.

D5.09 - TB MuseumIn the afternoon, we took a plane ride and and arrived at Jeju Island at night where we were brought directly yo Teddy Bear Museum.

D5.10 - TB Museum

D5.11 - TB Museum

D5.12 - TB Museum

D5.13 - TB Museum

D5.14 - TB Museum

D5.15 - TB MuseumA BIG hug from a giant teddy before before we end the night.

D5.16 - DrumWe check in at Lotte Hotel, but before going to our room, we decided to roam around the hotel for a while.

D6.17 - Cart

D5.18 - WindmillThe is a skating with the famous windmill at the background.

Day 6: Jeju Island
Highlight of the Day: Seongsan Sunrise Peak, Seongeuo Folk Village & Yongduam Rock

D6.01We were awaken by a very nice view from the balcony of our hotel


D6.03The windmills with the Pacific Ocean at the background.

D6.04 - Seongsan Sunrise PeakWe were first brought to Seongsan Sunrise Peak, the name Seongsan means “castle hill” in korean, comes from its sloping form resembling a grand castle.

D6.05 - Seongsan Sunrise Peak.JPG

D6.06 - Seongsan Sunrise Peak.JPGThe spectacular view of the island from the top

D6.07 - Seongsan Sunrise Peak.JPG

D6.08 - Seongsan Sunrise Peak.JPGIt is the perfect spot to watch the sunrise, and is thus called Seongsan Ilchulbong (sunrise)

D6.09 - Seongsan Sunrise Peak.JPG

D6.10 - Seongsan Sunrise Peak.JPG

D6.12 - Seongsan Sunrise Peak.JPGAfter the very tiring hiking, you feel like rolling down the steps going back.

D6.13 - Fruti PickingWe were then given the opportunity to pick seasonal fruits as many as we want.

D6.14 - Fruti PickingOh I think we were instructed to pick just two, ;-p

D6.15 - Horseback RidingWe then went to another place where we went horseback riding.

D6.16 - Horseback Riding.JPGThere were no animals hurt during this photo shoot ;-p

D6.17 - Seongeup Folk VillageWe were then brought to Seongeup Folk Village, which has a perfectly preserved korean tradition.

D6.18 - Seongeup Folk Village

D6.19 - Seongeup Folk Village

D6.20 - Seongeup Folk Village

D6.21 - Seongeup Folk Village

D6.22 - Seongeup Folk VillageApparently, this place was used during the taping of the famous korean series Jang Geum

D6.23 - Mysterious RoadNext stop is the place called “Mysterious Road” wherein you will experience of going uphill while the vehicle engine is off.

D6.24 - Mysterious RoadI am more intrigue with the things being sold on the sidewalks of this mysterious road.

D6.25 - Mysterious RoadMystery solve, my tummy was happy 😉

D6.26 - Yongduam RockNext was Yongduam Rock or Dragon Head Rock, a symbol of Jeju.

D6.27 - Yongduam RockSaid to be in the shape of a dragon’s head that lies on the beautiful seashore in Jeju.

D6.28 - TempleA temple in the middle of Jeju

D6.29 - Temple

D6.30 - Temple

D6.31 - DinnerSuch a grand seafood dinner, all fresh from the waters of Jeju

Day 7: Jeju to Seoul to Singapore

D7.03 - Myeongdong Shopping StreetAfter arriving from Jeju in the morning, we were then brought to Myeongdong and Sinchon shopping street for last minute souvenir shopping before our flight back to Singapore later in the day.

D7.01 - Myeongdong Shopping Street

D7.02 - Myeongdong Shopping StreetThe temperature is still very cold at the middle of the day

D7.04 - Incheon AirportAnd just like that, one week has passed and holidays are over. Waiting at Incheon International Airport for our flight back to Sngapore.


4 thoughts on “South Korea: Seoul Searching Part 3

  1. Wow nagpunta ka sa Jeju Island, sa korean films ko lang nakikita yan. All shots are good, I think this post is my favorite. 😉

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