South Korea: Seoul Searching Part 2

Day 3: O2 Ski Resort back to Seoul
Highlight of the Day: A visit to Lotte World

D3.01 - Lotte World
We left O2 Ski Resort in Taebaek City back and arrived at Seoul almost lunchtime, we were brought to Lotte World and were given free entrance ticket for our “free time” on our own.

D3.02 - Miniature CityAside from different rides you can find inside Lotte World, there is also a Lotte World Folk Museum where you can see miniatures of what korean life used to be.

D3.03 - Miniature City

D3.04 - Miniature City

D3.05 - Miniature City

D3.06 - Miniature CityFor once in my life, I felt TALL while staying in this area ;-p

Day 4: “Sponsored” Shopping around Seoul
Highlight of the Day: Watching a Nanta Show

D4.01Again, we were asked to wake up early and assemble at hotel lobby, today we will visit amethyst factory, some korean herbal factory and a beauty skin care shop

D4.02Our bus that will bring us to Amethyst factory.

D4.03With one of the korean assistant in our group tour outside the Amethyst Shop

D4.04 - Skin Care CourseNext we were treated into a some sort of skin care course using famous korean beauty products

D4.05 - Skin Care CourseEveryone gamely participated in the demonstration.

D4.06 - Skin Care CourseI cannot find the right “size” for my facial mask 😀

D4.07 - street We continue to roam around the street of Seoul from one shop to the next shop.

D4.08 - street

D4.09 - streetPoor Santa, came home very late, his wife locked the front door so no choice but to go in by the window.

D4.10 -  streetThere were a slight snowfall in the afternoon so the streets are “wet” from snow, lolz

We pass by Han River, one of the major river in Korean peninsula. Because of the cold weather, part of the river has froze already.

D4.11 - Nanta The highlight of the day is watching a Nanta performance, a non-verbal comedy performance set inside a cooking school.

D4.12. - NantaThe performers for the night

D4.13 - Nanta

D4.14 - Nanta

D4.15 - DinnerAfter watching Nanta, we had korean ginseng chicken for dinner.

D4.16 - HotelAnd here ends our Day 4


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