South Korea: Seoul Searching Part 1

This trip happened December of 2010, back then I didn’t have the slightest idea that I will be having my own blog. And this article has been an empty draft since I first started this blog site more than a year ago, after watching another korean film ( Miracle in Cell No. 7, loved it!) I finally felt “inspired” (again) to finish this article.

This is the first and only time I tried a “Group Tour”, meaning all the itinerary from flight and hotel accommodations (and most of the meals) to places to visit are all prepared by a tour agency. I will try to relived this experience and share to all of you through the photos that I have taken, please enjoy.

Day 1: Singapore Changi Airport to South Korea Incheon Airport
Highlights for the Day: Everland Theme Park and Dinner in a Hanok

D1.04 - Above SeoulOur flight from Singapore’s Changi Airport was delayed for an hour and after 5 & 1/2 hour above the ground, we landed at Seoul’s Incheon Airport, both airport are always on a tight race for world’s best airport award.

D1.05 - EverlandOur group was immediately brought to Everland Theme Park.

D1.06 - Everland

D1.07 - EverlandThis was December so the whole theme park was adorned with christmas decorations.

D1.08 - EverlandOne of the rides I tried where queue is not so long πŸ˜‰

D1.09 - EverlandThere is a Safari World inside wherein you can view the animals while riding a bus.

D1.10 - E;ectric FanIt’s winter season during this time so the weather is VERY cold, this “electric fan” caught my attention. Instead of blowing wind, it blows heat to warm you while waiting for your bus to Safari World.

D1.11 - SafariInside a small bus that will take you inside Safari World

D1.12 - SafariA camera-shy tiger

D1.13 - SafariAnd a couple tigers again.

D1.14 - EverlandAfter a few rides, we roam around some more for photo taking.

D1.15 - EverlandSome items at a souvenir shop.

D1.16 - EverlandLot’s of bear

We spent the whole afternoon in Everland Theme Park afterwards we took a long bus ride to Taebak City in Gangwon Province to stay overnight at O2 Ski Resort.

D1.17 - Dinner Before checking in at O2 Ski Resort, we drop by to a neighborhood area to to experience having dinner in a traditional korean house also known as Hanok

D1.18 - Dinner.01

D1.19 - Dinner

D1.20 - Dinnerour first dinner with some of my tour group members.

Day 2: O2 Ski Resort in Taebaek City, Gangwon Province
Highlight of the Day: Skiing at O2 Ski Resort

D2.01 - O2 Ski ResortDay 2 welcomed us with a beautiful sunrise.

D2.02 - O2 Ski ResortThe view outside our room balcony.

D2.03 - O2 Ski Resort

D2.04 - O2 Ski Resort

D2.05 - Kurisu at O2 Ski ResortThough I don’t have any plans of skiing, I still decided to wear the gear ‘coz we already paid for it πŸ˜‰

D2.06 - O2 Ski ResortThe skiing area.

D2.07 - O2 Ski ResortI was happy enough to “glide” for a few seconds and then kept myself busy by taking more photos.

D2.08 - O2 Ski Resort

D2.09 - O2 Ski Resort

D2.10 - O2 Ski Resort

D2.11 - O2 Ski Resort

D2.12 - Mt SorakAfter the skiiing activity, we were brought to Mt. Sorak National Park whose beauty is accented by it’s granite peaks, lush green valleys and dense forest. We’re supposed to ride a cable car to asced the summit but due to strong winds, it was cancelled.

D2.13 - Mt SorakThe wind in this area is so strong that made the cold winter weather worst so you have to think of anything to keep you warm πŸ˜‰

D2.14 - Mt Sorak

D2.15 - Mt Sorak

D2.16 - Back in SeoulWe then drove back to Seoul, street food vendor in the city.

D2.17 - DinnerWe had our Day 2 dinner in this place.

D2.18 - DinnerDay 2 dinner consist of hotpot and different side dishes.

D2.19 - BdayOne of the kid in our group is celebrating her birthday today so the tour guide prepared an ice cream came and we sang a happy birthday song for her.

D2.20 - HotelDay 2 has ended and our guide booked us at hotel (which I forgot the name, lol).


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