SG Scene: Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin also called Ubin Island is considered as the “last village” or “kampong” in Singapore situated in the northeast of the main island. The name Pulau Ubin literally means “Granite Island” in Malay, which explains the many abandoned granite quarries there. Pulau means “island”, and Ubin is said to be a Javanese term for “squared stone”. To the Malays, the island is also known as Pulau Batu Ubin, or “Granite Stone Island”. The rocks on the island were used to make floor tiles in the past and were called Jubin, which was then shortened to Ubin.

01. Bus 29To get to this island, take a bus 29 from Tampines Bus Interchange (a short walking distance from Tampines MRT Station) to Changi Village.

02. Changi Village TerminalAfter 30 minutes, you will arrive at Changi Village Bus Interchange. Aside from Bus 29, other bus services that goes to this area are Bus Nos. 2, 59 and 109.

03. Changi Point Ferry TerminalOnce you alighted, find the direction to Changi Point Ferry Terminal (walk to the left side the moment you alighted the bus)

04. Ride a bumboatAt Changi Point Ferry Terminal, take a bumboat to Pulau Ubin. There is no specific timing on when the boat leaves, as long as there are already 12 passengers, then the boat will leave the jetty. The fare is 2.50 SGD and will be collected on the boat once it leaves the jetty. The big space at the back of the boat is where you can put your bicycle if you decided to bring your own.

05. Welcome to Pulau UbinYou will be arriving at the island after a 10 minute boat ride.

06. SignageOnce you entered the island, best to familiarize yourself with the island by checking some location map or even the signage at the main public jetty.

46. Visitor GuidelineA visitor guide which I believe is very essential that you read before you start exploring the island.

07. LakehouseA wooden house by the shore, something you will not see anymore in the main island.

08. Wooden BridgeAn old wooden jetty

09. Rental BikesThe best way to explore the island is by bicycle, there are several renting stores nearby. Rental cost is 10 SGD, if you choose a “newer” bike, it costs 15 SGD. If you will check Chek Jawa Wetlands, you will need a bicycle lock because you will need to leave your bike outside the Chek Jawa. Ask the rental store for a bicycle lock and they will provide you for free but you have to deposit an extra 5 SGD.

10. My BikeThe bike I rented for 15 SGD, they did not remove the plastic to prove that it’s “new”, lolz.

11. NParks OfficeThere is also a National Parks (N Parks) office nearby in case you want additional inquiries about how to explore the island.

12. StreetThough there are several guide maps for you to try like DIY Tree Trail by N Parks but I decided to just explore on my own and follow directional and road sign.

13. LakeA small lake by the road

14. Lake It’s so peace and quiet in this area

15. Waiting ShadeIf you felt tired from cycling, there are several waiting sheds throughout the road for you to rest and recharge.

16. Old HouseAn old house along the road

17. Bamboo TreeA tall bamboo tree as you continue to cycle along

18. To Chek Jawa WetalandsDirections to Chek Jawa Wetlands

20. Entrance to Chek JawaEntrance to Chek Jawa Wetlands, bicycles are not allowed starting from this point so you will need to leave you bikes outside the gates, there are designated parking areas so no need to worries and this is the time you will need the lock you borrowed from the bike rental stores.

19. WIld BoarsJust a caution, there are wild boars roaming in this area, as I park my bike nearby and rest for a while in the waiting shed before I enter Chek Jawa, one of the boar tried to snatch my backpack (which I left on the basket of my bike) good thing the bike fell on the ground which gave me an opportunity to snatch back my bag. Maybe he smell the garlic bread (which I bought for my lunch) in my backpack 😉 so just be extra alert if you see them around.

21. Chek Jawa SignageThere are two main area in Chek Jawa, the visitor center with a viewing jetty and the mangrove boardwalk with a tall viewing tower.

22. Chek Jawa Visitor CenterThe Chek Jawa Visitor Centre

23. DoorInside Chek Jawa Visitor Center with the door leading to the viewing jetty

24. Chek Jawa Viewing JettyThe longggggggg viewing jetty

25. ViewNice view as you start to walk on the viewing jetty

26. ViewAnother view from the jetty

27. ViewView of the visitor center as you walk back from the end of the jetty

28. Visitor CentreThe visitor center rear view from the viewing jetty

29. BirdWe chance upon this beautiful bird at the tree just beside the visitor centre

30. Last ViewLast view of the visitor centre as I walk away and proceed to the mangrove boardwalk

36. Mangrove BoardwalkThe mangrove boardwalk

31. Viewing TowerAs you walk along the mangrove boardwalk, you will see this viewing tower

32. ViewView from the top of the viewing tower

33. ViewAnother view from above the viewing tower

34. ViewThe trees looks so short from the view at the top of the tower

35. ViewGoing down from the top of the viewing tower

38. MangroveAfter going down from the viewing tower, continue to walk to mangrove boardwalk

39. MangroveContinue walking to the mangrove boardwalk and you will be lead to this boardwalk but i decided to walk back because it is very hot and this part of the boardwalk is not covered with any tree 😉

37. ButterflyAs I walk back at the “tree-covered” part of mangrove boardwalk, I chance upon this gentle beauty

40. LakeI left Chek Jawa Wetlands and continue to bike on the way back to the main public jetty and pass by another lake, such a nice view.

41. LakeToo bad swimming is not allowed

42. Resting areaJust before arriving at the public jetty, there is a big waiting shed area (just in front of N Parks Centre) where you can rest after cycling for a long time. I ate my sandwich here before another wild boar attempt to snatch my bag again 😉

45. ViewAfter I returned my bike, I walk around the public jetty for the last time and try to take some more photos.

43. Assembly areaAn assembly area nearby.

44. Assembly areaThere are a lot of tourist and campers assembled here when I arrived in the island earlier in the morning. I think they are booked tours or something.

47. BirdAs I was about to leave the island, I saw this cutie nearby. What a very nice way to end my trip.

48. Have a nice dayThis ends my exploration of Pulau Ubin, the boat at the end of this jetty is waiting for me (and 11 other “explorers”) to bring us back to the concrete jungles of the main island.

Travel Tips:
– Although there are at least two eating place i saw in the island, you can try bring your own food like sandwich or any packed lunch.
– There are a lot of camping sites in the area just be sure to register to relevant authorities.
– Cycling around the island is a bit challenging if you are not a regular cyclist (the last time I rode a bicycle was more than 8 years ago so i feel sorry for my legs, lolz). Be extra careful in slope areas.
– Beware of wild boars 😉
– Drink lots of fluid, bring sunblock.


10 thoughts on “SG Scene: Pulau Ubin

  1. Oh! I thought that SG is a country only filled with high rise buildings. I didn’t know they still have this kind of place. When I went to SG, I only saw buildings. lol It’s good to know that they still have a place like this. 😀

    Good job! Great pictures too. 😀

  2. Wow very informative. I like the photo of the visitor center rear view and also the Boar’s storie..

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