Taiwan: Nihao@Taipei Hostel

Establishment Name: Nihao@Taipei Hostel
Type: Accommodation/Budget Hostel
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Points of Interest: very near Taipei Main Train Station
+ Location and price
– Intermittent wifi connection

Another great location, just a few steps away from exit M3 and/or M7 of Taipei Main Station. Don’t get mistaken, the hostel is located in Cosmos Commercial Building and not the Cosmos Hotel building just beside it.

waiting area
The reception area is on the 11th floor, it has a ‘homey” feeling with lots of information and free reading material about Taiwan. The staffs are attentive, if you arrived early for your check in time, you can leave your luggage in the reception and go out and start exploring taipei or you can just lazy around the comfortable sofas and read or go online.

Our first night, we tried the double room with attached toilet and bath. The room is sleek and well kept, the minimal design made it look like the room is bigger.

Bed and sheets are comfortable enough

I forgot to take a photo of the toilet itself, but the door to the left is the attached T&B for this double room. Though the space is very small but at least you got privacy.


On our second and third night, we moved into double room without attached T&B

The design was also very minimal but still looking sleek and modern


The common T&B is bath is well kept, definitely more than better than what I was expecting. I think in our floor, aside from the double room (which has it’s own T&B) our new room (twin room) plus another 2 rooms are the only one using the shared T&B so it is not really busy most of the time.

Wifi connection is ok, but there are times you have to reconnect again. Overall, I would love to stay here again, actually I cannot think of any negative points when we stayed here.

Name: Nihao@Taipei Hostel
Address: 11F-5, No.41, Sec.1, ZhongXiao W Rd, Jhongjheng Dist.,
Taipei, Taiwan.10041 (Cosmos Commercial Building)
Telephone: +886 2 7725 9779 F +886 2 2371 0019
Website: Nihao @ Taipei Hostel

ni hao hostel

NOTE: We personally paid for all the expenses in staying in this hotel. This review is independent and is a personal opinion based from personal experience.


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