Taiwan: Austra Star Inn in Kenting

Establishment Name: Austa Star Inn
Type: Accommodation/Bed and Breakfast
Location: Kenting, Taiwan
Points of Interest: Kenting National Park, Eluan Pi Lighthouse, Jialeshui Scenic Area and Hengchuan
+ Location and price
– costumer service

As always, the “best” accommodation if you want to explore a foreign place is that it must be accessible. Austra Star Inn I believe is the most accessible accommodation in Kenting, located just 5 steps away from the bus stop where Kenting Express Bus drops its passenger from Zuoying HSR Station. Just beside the hostel is the Kenting Police Station so the feeling of safety is an added bonus.

It is located on the main Kenting Road wherein a lot of shops are open at night during night market hours. The first storey is a commercial space normally busy during night time, you have to go further in to find the counter when you check in.



The rooms are simple but well kept, cute interiors and very minimal appliances. The bed is not bad but not the best either.
I forgot to take a photo of the attached toilet and bath but I am satisfied as it is also clean and well kept, water pressure is good, water heater not a problem.
Again, no elevator so be prepared to carry your luggage on your way up to your room.



Just felt that they could have a better customer service coz everytime we went to the counter to ask a question, the guy on the counter seems very preoccupied with either his phone or his computer but still try to answer our queries as possible as he can. Over all, I believe it’s a good place to stay when you want to explore Kenting, the location is one of its most selling point. A no frill budget hotel so do not expect high end service and amenities.

Name: Austra Star Inn
Address: No.115-1 Kenting Road, Hengchun, Pingtung, Taiwan
Website: Not Available
austa star inn

NOTE: We personally paid for all the expenses in staying in this hotel. This review is independent and is a personal opinion based from personal experience.


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