Japan: Tokyo Hotel Horidome Villa in Chuo

Establishment Name: Tokyo Hotel Horidome Villa
Type: Accommodation/Western Style
Location: Chou, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Points of Interest: Shinjuku, Roppongi,Odaiba, Tokyo Dome and Disneyland are within 30 minutes by train/subway
+ Location and price
– Intermittent wifi connection

Just 3 minutes walk away from Kodemmacho Station/Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (take exit 3) Tokyo Hotel Horidome Villa is a value for money accommodation considering it’s location. The staff can converse in english fairly, our accommodation did not come with free breakfast so I can’t comment about that but they have free flow of coffee on the ground floor at a certain time in the morning. There are a number of restaurants around the area so food is very accessible. A lot of reading materials about different tourist places are readily available for free at the front desk.


The main entrance of the hotel

The whole facade of the hotel

The bed and pillow is “okayish”, I asked for an extra pillow and they came just a few minutes after my call so i give them extra points for service.

Room size is the typical japanese room size, relatively new and still well maintained



Toilet was clean, no problem with water pressure and heater so another plus points for that.

Wifi connection is not bad, but once you got disconnected you have to try several times to connect again. But once connected, uploading photos in facebook is a breeze.

Hotel Horidome Villa01
Name: Tokyo Hotel Horidome Villa
Address: 1-10-10 Horidome-cho Nihonbashi, Chuo, Tokyo Prefecture 103-0012, Japan
Website: Tokyo Hotel Horidome Villa

NOTE: We personally paid for all the expenses in staying in this hotel. This review is independent and is a personal opinion based from personal experience.


6 thoughts on “Japan: Tokyo Hotel Horidome Villa in Chuo

  1. Wow! Thats an awesome structure, too bad it closed permanently. But Buddhism is a major religon in Japan so there are abundance of Buddist Temple throughout the country.

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