Japan: Resort Inn Fujihashi in Kawaguchiko

Establishment Name: Resort Inn Fujihashi
Type: Accommodation/Japanese Style
Location: Kawaguchiko, Japan
Points of Interest: Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchiko, Fujiyama Onsen
+ Great service, Nice Breakfast
– Quite a long walk from the train station

Resort Inn Fujihashi is a perfect “base camp” if you want to check Mt. Fuji and it’s surrounding area. It is not your typical hotel nor the native ryokan, it’s a mixture of both I guess. It is a 15 minute walk from Kawaguchiko Station or you can ask the owner to pick you up from the station (for free). It is also a few minutes walk from Lake Kawaguchiko.

The facade of Resort Inn Fujihashi, obviously not a new building, but the “age” of the structure added a certain charm to its overall ambiance.

The moment you enter the main door, you will be welcome by their simple but “homey” lobby. There is a massage chair on the left in case you got tired from your 15 minute walk from the station 😉 Also the wooden framed door on the left is their dining hall where breakfast (and sometime dinner) are served.

Just a caution, this 3 storey building do not have an elevator so be ready to carry your luggage while taking the stair (but most likely Uncle, the owner will insist that he carry your luggage).



All their rooms are japanese style, simple but authentic japanese.

Once you settled in your room, Uncle will come back with tea and biscuit to officially welcome us.

All rooms do not have a toilet, but each floor has a wash area with a western style toilet. A japanese style bath (with hot tub) is located on the first floor.

The dining hall on the first floor where you can eat breakfast and meet the other guests of the inn.

Western breakfast was served during our first morning.

Japanese breakfast on our second morning.

Some scenery just outside the inn.

A perfect view of Mt. Fuji from outside the main door of the inn.

Resort Inn Fujihashi - Otosan
Other than the facilities, the best thing that this inn has is their genuine hospitality. Despite their limited english knowledge, you can feel their sincerity in their service. I wouldn’t mind staying here again if ever we we’ll get a chance to visit this part of Japan in the future.

Resort Inn Fujihashi
Name: Resort Inn Fujihasi
Address: 378-2 Funazu, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture 401-0301, Japan
Website: Resort Inn Fujihashi

NOTE: We personally paid for all the expenses in staying in this hotel. This review is independent and is a personal opinion based from personal experience.


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