Japan 2013: Day 3, Kawaguchiko to Tokyo

Day 3, Friday (01/11/2013): Kawaguchiko to Tokyo

Day 3 started with a hearty meal prapared by Auntie at 8am. This time it’s a japanese breakfast meal, salmon is nice but I like the meatballs better. Based from our calculations (from Hyperdia) we will be arriving Tokyo quite early and we can only check-in at our hotel at 3pm. With time to spare, we went outside for awhile to take a few more photos of Mt. Fuji (you can view Mt. Fuji from the door of the hotel) and the hotel itself from outside. Then Uncle drive us back to Kawaguchiko Station and after thanking him for the warm services that they have provided, we started our long journey again back to Tokyo.

Day 3 Breakfast
Day 3 breakfast salmon fish and rice, meatballs, scrambled egg and some veggies. Oishi ne!

Resort Inn Fijihashi - Bye
Bye-bye Resort Inn Fujihashi, we really enjoy our stay in your place.

Resot Inn Fujihasi - Fog
Resort Inn Fujihashi with thick fog in the morning.

Resort Inn Fujihashi - Mt. Fuji
Last view of Mt. Fuji, just outside the door of Resort Inn Fujihashi.

Resort Inn Fujihashi - Otosan
Uncle drove us to Kawaguchiko Station, despite the limited english that he knows (and limited japanese that I know), our whole stay went by very smoothly. You can really feel the sincerity in thier service. I really really recommend this place if you want to stay in Kawaguchiko. To Otosan, Domo Arigatou Gusaimasu!

We bought our Kawaguchiko-Otsuki ticket (1,110Y) and left for Otsuki at 8:43.

Kawaguchiko Stn - Gantry
The halloween display on the gantry of Kawaguchiko Station.

Kawaguchiko Stn - Train
Inside the Fujikyu Railway train, almost empty.

We arrived Otsuki at 9:40 and decided to exit the station and check the sorrounding area since we have extra time.

Otsuko Stn - Outside
Otsuki Station from the outside.

Otsuki Stn - Coffee Shop
Coffe Shop just outside the station.

Otsuki Stn - Coffee
We had coffee while reviewing our Tokyo itinerary. See the menu? their coffee is a bit pricey I think.

We went back inside Otsuki Station and asked one of the station attendant if we can start using our Suica card already (last time for our Takao-Otsuki trip we bought a separate train ticket). The attendant said yes and just be sure to have enough amount value on the card. Our Suica card alreayd has 1500Y value when we bought it from Narita airport, Otsuki to Akihabara costs 1450Y plus we need to take a subway to our hotel woth 160Y so we defintely need to top up our card. We top up our card on a special top up machine located inside the station and proceed inside for our 10:55 train (JR Chuo Line).

Otsuki Stn - Top Up
Top up machine for Suica card are available on train stations, even this one located on the waiting platform.

Otsuki Stn - Inside
Inside Otsuki Train Station, the far right is the way to Fujikyu Railway Line, so you do not need to exit the (JR Line) station to transfer going to Mt. Fuji.

We made a little boo-boo, we left otsuki station at 10:55 and decided to alight in the next staton (Saruhashi Station) after 3 minutes with the hope of catching another line which suppose to travel to Tokyo faster, so the train arrived (JR Chuo Rapid) at 11:26 (we waited 28 minutes) then I saw the exact same train that was waiting in Otsuki when we left the station 30 minutes ago :-/ . Moral of the story, do not deviate from your planned schedule 😉

So we left Saruhashi Station at 11:26 and arrived Ochanomizu Station at 13:19, from there we transfer train and arrived at next station which is Akihabara. From Akihabara station, we took the subway to the next station which is Kodemmacho Station, the nearest station to Hotel Horidome Villa, our home for the next 3 nights.

Kodemmacho Stn
Kodemmacho Subway Station (Hibiya Line)

Hotel Horidone Villa - Walk
We saw Tokyo Skytree nearby when we were waking on the way to our hotel.

Hotel Horidome Villa
Tokyo Hotel Horidome Villa

We rested for awhile and then went down to check the neighborhood around our hotel. There are quite a lot of restaurants nearby and since dinner time is approaching, we decided to check one of them.

Day 3 Dinner.01
Most of the small restaurants here, you can see a vending machines near their doors (outside or inside). Instead of ordering from a waiter, you will have to choose from the vending machine, insert your payment and get a coupon and then give this coupon to the waiter and wait until they serve you your meal. But we did not try this one, lolz.

Day 3 Dinner.02
In here we had our first dinner in Tokyo.

Day 3 Dinner.03
We choose to eat the “point-point” way, we point to the waiter which meal we want 😉

Day 3 Dinner.04
The ramen is nice and the soup is better (of course) that the ones we try in Singapore.

Day 3 Dinner.05
Chicken with rice as side dish to our ramen

Hotel Horidome Villa - Night
Satisfied with our dinner, we went back to our hotel and ended our first day in Tokyo.


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