Taiwan 2012: Taipei

Day 7/01 Jan. 2013: Chiayi to Taipei

Woke up early to take the free shuttle bus that will take us from Chiayi Train Station to Chiayi HSR Station. The first bus arrives at 6am.

01. Chiayi Train Station
Waiting area for free shuttle bus at Chiayi Train Station.

It was an hour and a half HSR train ride from Chiayi to Taipei. Almost got lost in their multi-level underground station, very different here in Singapore but after a few train rides, you’ll get used to it.We managed to find the right exit and walk towards Nihao @ Taipei Hostel, our base for the next 4 days.

03. Taipei Main Train Station int
Inside Taipei Main Station

04. Taipei Main Train Station ext
Taipei Main Station exterior

02. Taipei Street
Street outside Taipei Main Station on our way to our hotel.

After checking in and depositing our luggage in our room, we managed to check the “under ground city” of Taipei Main Station, lots of things you can buy and places to eat. I found one of the best egg pudding I’ve ever tasted (well actually it’s my first time to try egg pudding, hehe).

08. egg pudding

Day 8/02 Jan. 2013: Taipei

We went to Ximending to look for souvenir shirts to take home, though it can be access by train, we tried going by foot so we can also see the streets around the area. I realized, it’s very diffculy to find the souvenir shirts during winter season in Taipei. We manage to find one store, but the choices are very limited.

07. ximending
Upon arriving at Ximen Ding

We tried this very popular restaurant called Modern Toilet right in the heart of Ximen for our lunch. The price is a little above average, the food is “almost” average, but very good place to take photos. hehe.

06. modern toilet

06.02 modern toilet

06.03 modern toilet

06.04 modern toilet

After lunch, we continue to roam around Ximen Ding to buy souvenirs, which lead us to go to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall which is two train stations away from Ximen Ding.

Chiang Kai Shel Memorial Hall which is undergoing renovations during our visit.

CKS-Museum entrance
Entrance to CKS Memorial Hall ground floor where the museum is located.

CKS-Natl Theater
The National Theater adjacent to the Main Hall

CKS-Ntal Theater Hallway
National Theater hallway

Day 9 / 03 Jan. 2013 – Tamsui

The next day we took the train to go to Tamsui to buy some ginger tea and other souvenirs, it was raining most of the day so we were not able to go around to take more photos.

An alley in the main street of Tamsui

Hallway in one of the temples.

Cant stop but pose for awhile πŸ˜‰

Day 10 / 04 Jan. 2013 – Taoyuan Airpot to Changi Airport

Like everything else, our very short holiday have to an end and have to fly back to Singapore.

TW Airport1

TW Airport2

The plane that will fly us back to Singapore 😦

Changi airport
After 10 days of eating mostly 711 foods (which i dont have any complains, lolz). The first thing we did after landing at Changi was to eat “local”, we are really back in Singapore πŸ™‚


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