Taiwan 2012: Chiayi

DAY 4/29 Dec. 2012: Kenting to Chiayi

We check out early from our hotel and went straight to Kenting Bus stop around 8am to wait for Kenting Express Bus which will bring us back to Zuoying HSR Station. The first bus will be arriving at 9am. It’s a good thing that we arrived very early which means we were first at the queue, the first bus that arrived has already half full, so the last few people in our queue has no choice but to wait for the next bus after 30 minutes.

01.Kenting Bus Stop
Kenting Bus Stop

The bus ride from Kenting to Zuoying took us arounf 2.5 hours, and another 30 minutes for the High Speed Train ride from Zuoying to Chiayi.

02.01 Chiayi HSR Stn
Chiayi HSR Station

Chiayi HSR station is quite far from the City itself so you have to take a free shuttle bus (show your HSR ticket to the bus driver) which will bring you to Chiayi Railway Station in 30 minutes.

02. THSR shuttle bus
Free shuttle bus between Chiayi HSR Station and Chiayi Railway Station

Upon arriving at Chiayi Railway Station, we walk towards Shin Kao Hotel, our home for the next 3 days. After depositing our bags in our room, we went outside to watch the street band parade. They said its a very big event in Chaiyi.

03. Chiayi Street Band





And finally, our first non-711 meal. Taste not bad 😉
04. Dinner@Chiayi

Day 5/30 Dec. 2012: Chiayi

Whole day was spent mostly buying souvenir items to bring back to Sg, the rest of the day either stoning or eat 711 foods 🙂

Middle of the night, we were awaken by a sudden shaking of our bed, we went downstairs and was confirmed by auntie on the front desk that it was a mild earthquake which is a normal thing in that area. After a few more aftershocks and were back to dreamland again.

Day 6/31 Dec. 2012: Chiayi

Auntie told us that tonight, Chiayi local government prepared a new year celebration program which they never do for so quite sometime. We went out early that night to check the crowd.

05.00 NYE

05.01 NYE

05.02 NYE


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