Taiwan 2012: Kenting

DAY 1/26 Dec. 2012: SG Changi T2 to TW Taoyuan T2 to Kenting

Our plane departed from Changi T2 almost 1am of 26th and arrived at Taoyuan T2 past 5am. After a long queue in the immigration section and wait for our baggage, we were able to exit the arrival area past 6am already. We went directly to the counter selling pre-paid sim card only to find out that they open from 8am to 9pm only (once you exit after getting your luggage, turn left and then left again, on your right side you will see the counters selling the pre-paid sim cards).
So went up to the 2nd level to find a place to eat breaky while waiting and found a 711 store, little did we know that it’s the start of our love-and-love relationship with 711 foods πŸ˜‰

01.711@Taoyuan T2

The counter selling the mobile sim card exactly opened at 8am, there are 3 or 4 counters selling different mobile networks but we chose to get the Taiwan Mobile 10day pass worth 800NT which includes unlimited data plan and 550NT worth of airtime.

Taiwan Mobile

We then went to buy the ticket for the United Bus #705 that will take us to Taoyuan HSR Station, price is 30NT for a 25 minute travel. (once you exit after getting your luggage, turn right and then right again, and at the end of the hall, to the left, there is a room selling tickets for different bus companies).

We bought our Taoyuan-Zuoying HSR ticket from the ticket vending machine at Taoyuan HSR Station.

03.HSR Ticket Vending Machine

The Taoyuan to Zuoying high speed rail travel was 1h40m journey which gave us enough time to catch some sleep from the very early flight that we had earlier.


When we arrived Zuoying, we decided to purchase advance tickets of our other HSR trips in anticipation for the holidays. Bought our Zuoying-Chiayi, Chiayi-Taipei and Taipei-Taoyuan HSR tickets over the counter. And true enough our preferred time for our Chiayi-Taipei trip (which coincides with the new year holiday, 1st January) was full, so instead of buying the noon-time ticket, we have no choice but to get the morning-time ticket.

05.HSR Tix

We then proceed to buy the Kenting Express Bus ticket that will take us to Kenting town. Ticket is 650NTD for a two-way trip and leaves Zuoying every 30 minutes. The bus is comfortable enough (with free wifi on board) for the more than 2 hour trip duration. Alighted at Kenting Bus Stop and walked a few step to our hotel, Austra Star Inn which is just next to Kenting Police Station.

06.Kenting Express Bus

After depositing our things in our hotel room around 3pm, we went out to buy lunch which leads us to another 711 store ☺. Went back to hotel for short nap and woke just in time for dinner. We check out the night market on the street, but since it’s been raining, we were not able check even half of all the stalls in the street. Went back to hotel after buying dinner take-out from 711.

07.711 dinner

DAY 2/27 Dec. 2012: Kenting

It has been raining almost the whole day so we stayed at our room almost the entire time. As usual 711 foods or breaky and lunchie πŸ˜‰

The rain stopped late afternoon so we manage to go out and take some photo.

Kenting street just outside our hotel.
08.Kenting Street

Some photos from the beach near our hotel
09.Kenting Beach

10.Kenting Beach



And finally, we were able to try buying from the stalls in the street night market, one of my favorite is the tapioca balls.

11.Tapioca Balls

DAY 3/28 Dec. 2012: Kenting

We met an uncle who drive a small van and offered us to tour around for a certain fee, so off we go and tour around Kenting

Eluan Pi Lighthouse
12.Eluan Pi Lighthouse

At the southern most tip of Taiwan
13.Souther-most tip of TW

Feng Chui Sha (Wind Blown Sand)
14.Feng Chui Sha (Wind Blown Sand)

Jialeshui Scenic Area
16. Jialeshui Scenic Area


Hengchuen (Old Town)

15.Hengchuen (Old Town)

And finally, Aga’s house (of the movie Cape No. 7)
15.2 Cape No 7


15 thoughts on “Taiwan 2012: Kenting

  1. hi, i am planning to go kenting in april but during weekdays, heard buses not so frequent. do you remember how much was the price you paid for the van rental? and for how many hours? thanks

    • Hi Alex, we paid 1,700 NT for 4 hours (2pax), its cheaper if 8 hours (cant remember exactly how much our driver offered us but we declined coz we started 12 noon and we have other plans later in the afternoon) and if your 3 our more sharing for the price.

  2. Hi FM,
    Our hotel Austra Star Inn, it’s not great but it’s not bad either. It’s clean especially the toilet. Plus it’s just a few steps away from the bus stop. The itenerary, actually if you decided to rent a van and a driver, more likely the driver while drive you around the famous places. Our day 3 activity, the driver lead us to the popular spots for less then 4 hours.

  3. Hi there, may I check with you if you brought big luggages (like the usual baggage = not the bagpack style) to board Kenting express? Was just wondering if taking these buses will be a problem with luggages with us. Thanks!

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